We are very proud that our business was founded in the Semiconductor industry – the technology enabler of everything.  After 16 years, we continue to build exciting partnerships across the entire Smart Technology and IoT ecosystem.

The way in which we experience communications and connectivity, for example in hybrid vehicles, mobile and smart-home technology or aerospace, has changed forever. The revolution in the industry has touched almost every part of our lives, connecting everything that can be connected, reshaping the way we live and creating a new age of autonomy.

From Executive level Sales and Marketing positions, to the Operations, Applications, Engineering and R&D functions we’re connecting brilliant candidates with clients across a range of sectors: Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, Mobile, Communications, Security & Connectivity, Medical, Military & Aerospace

ICP Search’s involvement in an industry that will be worth an estimated $10 trillion by 2025 includes:

  • Wireless connectivity - smart phones, watches, TV
  • Interactive response - smart meters, security, plugs
  • Predictive supply - smart buildings, grids, connected vehicles 
  • Innovative solutions - smart Wi-Fi, travel, defence

We focus particularly on the technology in the Automotive sector that achieves the recognised goal of autonomous, connected, shared, electric vehicles.


From TIER 1 electronics organisations to Original Equipment Manufacturers, from navigational and mobility services to sensors that enable these capabilities, we support the entire automotive ecosystem that will achieve this objective.

  •        Autonomous Driving
  •        Connected Car
  •        Infotainment / HMI
  •       AI / Machine Learning
  •       Mapping / Navigation
  •       Mobility Services
  •       Sensor fusion

Don’t take our word for it

“There is a lot of trust and honesty and high class profiles. They have a great applicant network and they are very fast when they accept a job. I’ve had positive experiences with placements and the overall performance of suggested candidates we hired.”

Talent Acquisition Manager - Semiconductor Solutions (Germany)


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