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ICP Search visit the ESA #Sentinel2GO Launch March 2017

ESAI love my job, but on some days, I really love it and can’t believe how lucky I am; I have managed to find a career within an industry that genuinely interests me both inside and outside of work, how many people can say that?

Yesterday was one of the days where I really loved it, and here’s why:

On January 19th, I saw a tweet from @social4space inviting Space and Social Media lovers to participate in a very exciting event; being an active participant in the Sentinel-2b launch live from ESOC in Darmstadt!

As a self-confessed Space enthusiast and the most prolific tweeter in the office, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine my two favourite things and spend time with people just like me! It also presented itself as the perfect opportunity to top meeting Tim Peake, Luca Parmitano & Don Pettit at Space4Inspiration back in September 2016, something I honestly wasn’t sure I would be able to do!

An agonizing three weeks later, I got the email I had been waiting for! I was one of almost 100 people who had been lucky enough to go! In 3.5 weeks’ time, I will be arriving at ESOC Darmstadt, participating in my first Social Space activity! Not only will I be speaking with those have worked on this Sentinel mission and other historical ESA launches/mission, I will also get to do this In the presence of people I have been speaking with online for almost two years! It’s truly a wonderful opportunity, and I am eternally grateful for ESA for selecting me as a participant and for having an incredibly social job within the Space industry.

I will be live tweeting the events of the day from @MelisICP and you can follow the day using the hashtag #Sentinel2Go.

The only thing that worries me? The event starts at 2.00pm CET March 6th and ends at 7.00am CET March 7th; will I be able to stay awake?!

Here is a video I put together about my time in Germany