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Autonomous Driving - 2018 and Beyond

Driving 2018

With the automotive industry creating innovative products each and every year, it's fair to say most (probably all) automotive businesses want a piece of the autonomous driving pie; and boy, it’s a very big pie! In the late 1980s, everybody was talking about flying cars after watching Back To The Future 2, and this idea has now evolved into a close reality; driverless cars. However, the world has been talking about self-driving cars since way before the 1980s. created this fantastic infographic showing how it stems back to the early 1900s.

The technology to put self-driving cars on the road is almost here and it’s an exciting time for the automotive sector. As we all know, by 2020 self-driving cars will reach level 5 being completely autonomous in all conditions. With this being so imminent, innovative companies are being created and are partnering up with the big motoring brands to create some mind-blowing products.

2018 will see us stepping a little closer towards the end goal of self-driving cars with developments across different areas. This includes the construction sector. The advantage of these vehicles compared to private self-driving cars is that they can test and develop the vehicles on their own land rather than the road. Companies like Cyngn and Komatsu are just a couple to name who are creating autonomous driving vehicles for the construction industry. Another area which is seeing a rise is commercial vehicles. A partnership with the Royal Mail sees the birth of Arrival which is fully electric commercial vehicles. The vehicles will be used to transport packages between mail and distribution centres in the city of London in the United Kingdom and surrounding area.


Another area of growth in 2018 and beyond will be electrification (EV). With all major manufacturers trialing their vehicles en mass from 2020, a place where these vehicles can be charged needs to be in place. Petrol stations all over the globe will need to start thinking about putting the infrastructure in place for the demand. What comes first, thousands of electric vehicles or electrification stations for the vehicles? Only time will tell….

For autonomous driving to be practical, safe and as streamlined as possible, connectivity is going to be crucial. This is where 5G comes into effect. The 5G connectivity will also help protect pedestrians. Sebastian Zimmermann, BMW’s head of automotive connectivity and security solutions said

‘Highly automated driving is a difficult topic because you need ultra-reliable networks, low-latency, and they must work everywhere. You need a technology that works even when the network operator is not there, as they are out of range for example. So 5G with device-to-device communication could be a solution to this. ‘It is very important that cars can communicate with each other and communicate with other participants in the city, such as pedestrians or cyclists. You have brought all of this together to have a smart city where cars can autonomously drive’

We are expecting to see the first deployments of 5G will be in 2020.



With fewer people buying brand new cars and opting for different options like short-term hiring or a PCP (personal contract purchase), start-up companies are disrupting the market to create platforms/services which in time will incorporate autonomous driving. One of those companies is Ridecell. The Ridecell platform integrates the technology needed to run a standalone ridesharing or car sharing operation. Over that 10 years, Ridecell has processed more than 15 million rides. It’s safe to say the platform is just going to get better and better over time. Armin Fendrich, General Manager of EMEA at Ridecell said

“As RideCell focuses on automotive partnerships, I'm excited about the business we're building in the EMEA region," "We have some interesting proofs of concept in the works right now. In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing the launch of a new mobility service with a major European enterprise."


Of course, all the major brands are deep in their secret labs creating their own cars of the future. With BMW creating the iNext for 2020 and Hyundai recently unveiled an autonomous version of its IONIQ sedan, who will be the first to create the world's first safe and practical self-driving car?

With autonomous driving only going to rise is companies across the globe, industries will need to recruit the best talent to make sure they can help make self-driving cars a success. We focus particularly on the technology in the automotive sector that achieves the recognised goal of autonomous, connected, shared, electric vehicles.

From TIER 1 electronics organizations to original equipment Manufacturers, from navigational and mobility services to sensors that enable these capabilities, we find your business the talent which is needed to support the entire automotive ecosystem that will achieve this objective.

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