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Amelia’s 3rd Year Work Anniversary

Its Amelia Rivas 3rd year work anniversary! What an amazing 3 years it has been for her. Amelia first joined ICP in March 2015 as a Delivery Consultant for the Connected Media team. She quickly found her own niche in the Sports Technology sector within the Digital TV & Video division and has gone from strength to strength.

In her role she works through the whole ecosystem of sports tech, from the distribution and streaming of live sports content, through to data and analytics and fan engagement. Amelia took ownership and was made a Senior Consultant - Sports Technology. She has really grown her client base in this area to become a key part of the business.

We asked Amelia a couple of questions on her last 3 years at ICP Search.

What are the stand out moments of your 3 years at ICP Search?

“Most of my stand out moments will probably involve the brilliant travel opportunities I have been involved in – Monaco, Austria, Vegas and of course not forgetting our ICP party in Barcelona.

On top of that, really finding my niche in sports technology and building up some really innovative clients in the area has been a highlight. My biggest stand out moment was talking about the sports tech industry to a class of inquisitive students.”

What are your favourite parts of the job?

“My favourite part of the role has to be when a candidate has signed the offer and is ready to start with their new company.

It’s such an exciting time for the candidate - the prospect of joining a new company, taking on a new role and quite often relocating to a new city, it’s a great feeling to know you have been part of that move. Also from a client perspective, knowing that the new person to be placed in their team could make a real beneficial impact to their business is one of the most rewarding aspects of the role.”

What does the future at ICP Search hold for you?

“The future looks bright! Sports tech is going from strength to strength so I’m always getting to learn about the incredible developments within the industry. Other than that, bring on ICP Party in the Bahamas!”

We’d like to thank Amelia for being such a valuable member of our team, all her hard work and dedication. Wishing her the best for her continued success.