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10 tips on how to stay motivated whilst job hunting

Job Hunting

Job hunting can be difficult at the best of times; trawling through websites and career pages and getting to the end of you tether at times. We have put together some handy tips on how to stay motivated whilst looking for jobs so you don’t start to go stir crazy. Going into job hunting with no clear direction is always a risky move. Having a scatter gun approach to job hunting can cause you to make sloppy mistakes which is the one thing you don’t want to do.

1. Create short-term goals
Setting realistic goals for the week should be your number one priority. This will give you a clearer direction for the week and stop you from having a lull midweek. Breaking your weekly tasks down to daily jobs will make the whole process a little less daunting whilst maintaining momentum. Creating a brand new, up to date CV could take a whole day if done properly. Time management is a great attribute to have so applying this to your job hunting can only be a positive thing.

2. And… Work on your end goal
Consider why you are job searching and use this to understand your options. It could be as simple as wanting to do more training or take a completely different direction with your career.

3. Deeply research potential employers
As we’ve mentioned previously, thoroughly researching companies before you apply for a job will massively help you. It means you can take full advantage of your findings which you can use to tailor your covering letter accordingly, plus it also will help at the interview. Interviewers are very impressed when candidates have gone that extra mile and found out more about the company than is on the surface.

4. Consider and research a change
No matter what industry/sector you work in, there are a dozen different roles you could potentially be doing. This can only mean one thing; research, research and research. You might find that there is a role which is different but you can transfer skills gained in your existing role. We would recommend always researching the sector you want to work in. It could uncover things you didn’t even know existed before….

5. Refresh your approach
Like setting goals each week and different daily tasks, it’s beneficial to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. You might have been looking at your CV all day, so leave it a day and come back to it, but before you do, read some articles on how to make your CV stand out. Already a seasoned interviewer? Again, read up about how to answer different interview questions. Remember, you can always teach an old dog new tricks…

6. Bite-size chunks
Automatically, we all have a tendency of launching into tasks and getting them done fairly quickly. This makes us efficient, proactive and capable. When it comes to job hunting, if it’s something you haven’t done for a long time, we would suggest you taking your time on each task. If you have the luxury of this, taking a whole day or half a day to do one task is a good recommendation. It means you can do the proper research before tackling them. Tasks might include writing your CV, drafting cover letters, setting up email alerts on job boards, researching dream employers, registering with agencies and actually applying for roles.

7. It’s all about the attitude
…it really is! Even though you maybe at home, on gardening leave or just job hunting whilst working, you need to throw yourself in it. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to approach each part of the process with the right attitude. And if you go at it half-heartedly you won’t get the results you’re after, which can be disheartening. Maintain the momentum!

8. Eat the frog!
This is a simple task. Write down a list of everything you need to do (some ideas are listed in number 6) and highlight the tasks you don’t really want to do or the ones you are putting off for whatever reason. Eating the frog means getting those tasks done first. Get them out of the way, you will feel a lot better about it in the long run. And it will make every other task easier.

9. Transition plan
If you are still currently in your place of work, putting together a transition plan could be a good move. This may include planning out finances, your travel and if applicable, what to do between one job ending and a new one starting.

10. Utilise Linkedin
When it comes to getting a new job, it’s all about selling yourself; your abilities, your personality and what makes you... you! The world of recruitment has changed a lot in the last 10 years and most of it is now via Linkedin. It now gives everyone access to millions of people from thousands of companies all over the world. If you don’t have Linkedin, we would suggest setting up a profile and start adding all your contacts and then start looking at jobs, searching for people and selling yourself. Another thing to do on Linkedin would be to follow certain people who are regarded as ‘thought leaders’ - who give some great advice on job hunting and recruitment as a whole. People such as JT O’Donnell and James Caan are just a couple to name.

We hope the above gives you some ideas on how to put a plan together whilst job hunting. Remember, always break it down into bite-size chunks, start with a plan and always eat the frog! Fancy looking at some new jobs within the advanced technology sectors? We have quite a few based all over the world. Search for jobs here.