At ICP Search, we understand that well qualified contractors help your business react to market or business changes in a cost and time efficient manner. Whether it’s to provide specific expertise, satisfy an urgent need or as a solution for a complex project, contractor hire allows immediate control of managing change across your business.

Expert Understanding

Our specialist consultants are dedicated to their niche industries. They regularly attend international industry trade shows, events and conferences to keep in touch with our international contacts and up to date with the latest news, projects and developments.

Global Network

We are in constant contact with our global network of candidates to update them with the latest suitable job opportunities and understand their current career aspirations. What this means for clients is that we have qualified candidates ready to start assignments immediately.

Turnaround time

Combining a robust network of contractors and industry knowledge like ours results in a recruitment business that delivers. We’ll work around the clock when necessary to ensure we provide the best possible contractors to meet your requirements within a very strict timescale.

The contract division has a dedicated Contractor Care Consultant to mitigate any issues, from compliance to timesheet processing, that might impact the success of a contract assignment.

For more information about how ICP Search can help your organisation, please call +44 (0) 1273 872 270 or email

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For more information on how ICP Search can help your organisation, please contact us on
+44 (0) 1273 872 260 or email